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LumaPod™ Red light Bed

LumaPod™ Red light Bed

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    • Choice of White or Black Exterior
    • 13,020 LED’s (life expectancy 100,000 hours)
    • Power Requirement: 110V 25 Amps
    • Light density: 60mw/cm2
    • 7.04 ft/2146mm (Length) x 3.01ft. /920mm (Width) x 3.46ft/1056mm (Height)
    • Bed Tunnel Height: 1.24ft/378mm
    • Size of Laying Area: 6.5ft. X 2.7ft
    • Touch screen control system with 63 preset options
    • 63 presets will set the wavelengths, time, and pulse frequency of the LumaPod™ for each protocol.
    • Bed weight: 550lbs./250kg
    • Weight Limit of user: 440lbs./200kg
    • 4 year warranty
    • Standard delivery included (white glove delivery extra)
    • Certifications: CE, ROHS

    Discover the transformative power of red light and near-infrared light therapy with the LumaPod. Our cutting-edge whole-body red light bed offers a myriad of benefits for your health and well-being:

    Inflammation: Studies show that red light can provide relief from inflammation-related conditions, such as arthritis and muscle soreness, as red light therapy targets inflammation at the cellular level.

    Accelerated Healing: Whether you're recovering from an injury or surgery, red light can enhance the body's natural healing processes, speeding up recovery time while minimizing scarring.

    Relieve Pain: Say goodbye to chronic pain and discomfort as the red light and infrared in the LumaPod can stimulate natural pain-relieving mechanisms, to support faster recovery and improved mobility.

    Unlock your body's potential for optimal wellness and vitality with LumaNova's advanced red light therapy technology.

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